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from cell array to numeric vector

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I have a 1x52 length cell array of years stored in MWDIData_years, i need to get these to be a nummeric vector. I am trying something like
x = cell2mat(MWDIData_years(:));
But it gives me a 52x4 matrix of chars where each adress in the matrix is a single number, ie 1994 becomes 1 9 9 4.
How can i get around this problem ?
Thank you

Accepted Answer

Mark Whirdy
Mark Whirdy on 16 Dec 2012
Edited: Mark Whirdy on 16 Dec 2012
MWDIData_pop(1,1:5) = {[3752373],[3876616],[4006236],[4140773],[4279524]}; % square brackets in a cellarray indicates that the elements are numeric so if this is your starting point then no need to convert to a numeric, just convert cell to mat
cell2mat(MWDIData_pop(i,:)); % just a cell2mat
If I'm misunderstanding what you're doing here, then please paste in more of your code which GENERATES these cellarrays as the extra bit of clarity there will help in giving you a better response in how to manipulate/convert them to other datatypes.
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DoVile Last Name:
DoVile Last Name: on 17 Dec 2012
Cell2mat was all that i needed, works now.
Thanks for the help Mark

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Mark Whirdy
Mark Whirdy on 16 Dec 2012
yearCellArray = {'2008';'2009';'2010'};
yearVector = cellfun(@str2double,yearCellArray);
DoVile Last Name:
DoVile Last Name: on 16 Dec 2012
It doesnt work, it just returns NA values when i do it like that..

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