Convert an acceleration time graph, into a velocity time graph.

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Chris on 16 Dec 2012
My acceleration and corrosponding time values are from another function which gives them as 'a' and 't', both in vector form. There are aprox 1000 values for each, where t is incrementing in 0.1(s). And acceleration has positive and negative values. And V0 = 0
I've tried many things such as integrating 'a' with respect to 't', or using V= u+at each in for loops. But my MATLAB skills are limited.
I dont have enough code to really help, but this is the base starting point.
Function [velocity,time] = V_T(o,p,l)
[t,a] = AccCal(o,p,l);
Chris on 16 Dec 2012
Yes, thankyou. I'm new here, and not knowing the full definition, it seemed urgent to me at the time. So, sorry for that, i've removed it.

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Mark Whirdy
Mark Whirdy on 16 Dec 2012
Edited: Mark Whirdy on 16 Dec 2012
I'm not sure its a matlab issue as such but you'd need to know the starting velocity at least. If we assume its zero, then I think that since the acceleration is a DIFFERENCE-series of velocities (the change in the velocities per second), it follows that the velocity is the SUM of accelerations so
vel = cumsum(accel);

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