How to plot x y z coordinates and combine them with a 4th dimension

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Moritz on 17 Dec 2012
i am pretty new at MATLAB and have to learn a lot.
So i have a question who is very difficult for me.
I wanna plot a 3D Model of some x y and z coordinates. These 3 Coordinates are easy to plot, but now i want to give every single x,y and z position a 4 dimension. In my example it is the used power of car at every position.
Is it possible to plot this 4th domension at every position of x,y and z in a special color?
x,y and z position :
figure(2); plot3(data.rail.raw_data(:,2),data.rail.raw_data(:,1),data.rail.raw_data(:,3)); grid on;
used power:
Thank you for your help,

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Jonathan Epperl
Jonathan Epperl on 17 Dec 2012
Afaik it is not possible to do that directly since plot3 creates a line, and lines have only one color. However what you could do:
  • Check the File Exchange, I'm sure there is stuff for that
  • Plot every point on you car's trajectory individually and give it the right color
  • Expand the trajectory a little into a strip and plot it using mesh or surf, they allow you a 4th argument which represents the color.


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