plot does not display anything using hold on

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I try to plot inside a loop, using the hold on function.
this is my script:
for i = 1:128
for j = 1:128
for k=1:scans_amount
plot(TE(1:end),squeeze(pix_value_mat(i,j,k))); hold on;
and the figure does not show anything. I wanted to choose the default plot coloring so that every graph will be displayed in a different color.

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Sriram Tadavarty
Sriram Tadavarty on 30 Jul 2020
Hi Dekel,
The way you are accessing pix_value_mat indicates it could be a scalar. If there a single value plotted over the values, then, the output will be blank. It would be good to know that the values or dimensions of TE and pix_value_mat.
You can try this,
plot(TE(1:end),squeeze(pix_value_mat(i,j,k)),'*'); hold on;
The above will confirm, if it is a scalar value that it is accessing in the plot.
Hope this helps.


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