Matlab GUI problem using load

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Hafizuddin Bin Mohd Lowhim
Answered: sahq_azhar on 25 Sep 2021
Dear Matlab community,
I have this code where it is written in 2017b, I face problem when I run in Matlab 2019b. Here is the error and attached m file. It should creat a GUI that has user interface like below but the code is looking for the figure that doesn't exist. Please help me.
Error using load
Unable to read file 'HW_03.fig'. No such file or directory.
Error in (line 31)
hgDataVars = load(filename, '-mat', '-regexp', '^hg[M]');
Error in
Error in hgload (line 54)
FF =;
Error in matlab.hg.internal.openfigLegacy (line 57)
[fig, savedvisible] = hgload(filename, struct('Visible','off'));
Error in gui_mainfcn>local_openfig (line 286)
gui_hFigure = matlab.hg.internal.openfigLegacy(name, singleton, visible);
Error in gui_mainfcn (line 158)
gui_hFigure = local_openfig(gui_State.gui_Name, gui_SingletonOpt, gui_Visible);
Error in HW_03 (line 38)
gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});

Answers (2)

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 3 Aug 2020
The error suggests your HW_03.fig file is not in the same folder as your HW_03.m file. A gui created in Guide requires both files.

sahq_azhar on 25 Sep 2021
The same thing happened to me. I made a file back in 2017 and wanted to update it, but an error message appeared indicating that I was missing the.fig file.
To solve this just create a new GUI using Guide
enter guide in Command Window
and guide window will pop up create a the same GUI you needed and copy the previous call backs and functions from the old .m file.
I hope this helps.

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