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Why Matlab does not read the input value?

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Federico Ferrara
Federico Ferrara on 13 Aug 2020
Answered: Jan on 13 Aug 2020
Hello to everyone, I've got this problem with a programm that deal with autonomous driving...In particular within the function that take into account the acceleration of the leader vehicle, i'm trying to implement a constant deceleration of the vehicle from a cruice velocity of 10 m/s to 0. But in this case I'm considering that the car is not riding on a flat path but along a slope. I would like to have a deceleration of 0.1 regardless the grade.
slope_perc=input('put the % value of the slop= ');
delta=0.1 +9.81*sin(theta);
if t<t_stop
When I run the code matlab asks me "put the % value of the slope= " but when I insert the value, the programm doesn't go on and keeps asking always to put the value...I know that you should read all the code but, according to you, have I write something wrong? Thanks.
Federico Ferrara
Federico Ferrara on 13 Aug 2020
i've corrected the word, sorry, it was written in italian before

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Answers (1)

Jan on 13 Aug 2020
This piece of code is called repeatedly. This shown code seems to be fine, so the behavior is caused the code, which calls this piece.

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