How to find value of X when Y reaches maximum value

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I am new to MATLAB Simulink, I want output as the value of X when Y reaches maximum.
Y is a calculated value from an equation and is a function of X
Rik on 18 Aug 2020
I don't know much about Simulink, so I can't help you there. Once you have a function in Matlab itself you can use fminsearch. You want the maximum, so you would need to invert your function (inverted=@(varargin) -YourFunction(varargin{:});)
RAHUL YADAV on 19 Aug 2020
Thanks for the reply...
problem solved using Leonardo's approach

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Accepted Answer

maiaL on 18 Aug 2020
Not sure what kind of output you want, but one way would be to get the derivative of your y(x) function. When it's "zero", it's at a maximum or minimum. I added quotes to "zero" because it's not going to be zero due to the time step of the solver. In the above example I'm getting the absolute of the derivative and when it's <= 0.01, I get the x value.

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Sara Boznik
Sara Boznik on 18 Aug 2020


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