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Cagan Sevketoglu
Cagan Sevketoglu on 18 Aug 2020
Answered: Sara Boznik on 18 Aug 2020
1) Ask a number from user, if an entered number is less than zero, write a MATLAB code that calculates the absolute value of entered number.
2) Write a MATLAB code that asks a number from user, then calculates the sum of numbers from zero to an entered number.
3) Solve the given LES (Linear Equations System) in MATLAB by using Gauss Jordan Elimination Method.
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James Tursa
James Tursa on 18 Aug 2020
What have you done so far? What specific problems are you having with your code? You can look at the following functions to help you with the first two:
doc input
doc abs
doc colon
doc sum

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Sara Boznik
Sara Boznik on 18 Aug 2020
It was told to me that I should not give the whole homework answers.
But I can give you advises:
  1. if
  2. for loop (also formula exist)
  3. you have to do 2 matrix and then use \ (I hope you know what is Gauss Jordan Elimination Method)



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