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What is wrong with this path?

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Hello, I have a very very simple question and it has constantly vexxed me. I have tried but i cannot wrap my head around the matlab paths. Im always egtting warning messages.
Could anyone tell me what is wrong with this? i have included a screenshot.
Here is the error message that i am getting:
Warning: Name is nonexistent or not a directory: /Users/adamlevschuk/Documents/BMEG 599/Gait Analysis/Quaternions
> In path (line 109)
In addpath (line 86)
In xioTechTracking (line 5)
Thank you for your help

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Sep 2020
For helping find the problem:
dinfo = dir('*Q*');
Qnames = {};
for K = 1 : length(Qnames)
QN = Qnames{K};
fprintf('Found name |%s| which is length %d\n. Its character codes are: ', QN, length(QN));
That is, I hypothesize that you have an invisible character as part of the directory name, such as a space at the end.

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Nikita Agrawal
Nikita Agrawal on 3 Sep 2020
To find the right path, run without
And then to find what you are looking from that path, matlab will recommend you how to add the path for missing information.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Sep 2020
MATLAB will not generally recommend how to find the path. It does in some cases, but it is never clear what algorithm it is using to make the suggestions.

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