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What is the green line between Simulink Function and Simevents blocks in this Matlab example

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Paul on 2 Sep 2020
Commented: Paul on 3 Sep 2020
In the Simevents sample file accessed through the Matlab call below
shows a Simevents model where the Entity Generator and Entity Server call a Simulink function called timeStamp().
Visually in the block model the sumulink function and the two Simevents blocks are connected by a thin light green line. Note this is not an entity-flow line or a typical, e.g. as connected to a scope, data line. I'm not sure what the green line is but it at least visually connects elements. A related model copied below.
When I make my own model and call a similar function I don't get the line, though the function call seems to work.
  • Is the green line functionally important? Seems not.
  • How can I create this line to show the link between Simevents blocks and the function?
Thanks for any guidance


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Accepted Answer

Paul on 3 Sep 2020
Have solved this mysef - under Debig >>>Information Overlays


Abdolkarim Mohammadi-Balani
Just a side note: Depending on where the function is called, the line is connected to the beginning (Entry event), middle (Process completion event), or the end (Exit event) of the block.

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