I am trying to use simulink, every-time I try to open blank library this message appears

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Warning: Unable to resolve the name SLM3I.SLCommonDomain.isStateflowLoaded.
> In sltemplate.internal.invokeModelTemplate
In sltemplate.internal.request.createSimulinkModel
In connector.internal.fevalMatlab
In connector.internal.fevalJSON

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Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta on 7 Sep 2020
The default paths of MATLAB may not be configured properly on your workstation. In order to reset them, please proceed with the following steps:
In MATLAB, type the commands to restore the application path
rehash toolboxcache
Any custom path will be overwritten but a backup can be taken as described in the article here.
"restoredefaultpath" path will reset paths for all toolboxes/addons. Therefore if a third party toolbox is installed which doesn't come from MathWorks, you will have to reinstall that toolbox.

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