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dileesh pv
dileesh pv on 20 Jan 2013
Can anyone suggest me how to generate a complex geometries other than those defined already in pdetool. I tried using pdepoly with the coordinates of the geometry as arguments. But it gives "Geometry error"
The coordinates I used are [0.0001 0 0 0 0 1.00E-06 2.51E-06 9.76E-07 8.07E-06 9.26E-07 1.59E-05 8.66E-07 2.50E-05 8.13E-07 3.41E-05 7.75E-07 4.19E-05 7.57E-07 4.75E-05 7.51E-07 5.00E-05 7.50E-07 5.25E-05 7.51E-07 5.81E-05 7.57E-07 6.59E-05 7.75E-07 7.50E-05 8.13E-07 8.41E-05 8.66E-07 9.19E-05 9.26E-07 9.75E-05 9.76E-07 0.0001 1.00E-06 ]
Can some one tell me what the problem is?
Thanks Dileesh
dileesh pv
dileesh pv on 21 Jan 2013
And this data is supposed to generate a domain with three straight edges and fourth edge is a parabola.

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Shashank Prasanna
Shashank Prasanna on 21 Jan 2013
Do you have more than one geometry? I am able to execute pdepoly with your data and it works fine.
Could you paste the 'exact' error message you see on the command line?
Also check if this is relevant to you:

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