connecting the output microcontroler AT89S52 at matlab

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Soni huu
Soni huu on 22 Jan 2013
How to know the output of microcontroler program on matlab can be read real time
Soni huu
Soni huu on 23 Jan 2013
yes,...i read the pin microcontroler via RS232 circuit with usb port
matlab read and run directly the system that comes the usb port through the RS232 series from pin microcontroler

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Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 Jan 2013
What does "real time" mean in this situation? USB uses a polled shared-bus packet protocol that is not able to transfer data immediately after the data is generated. By default, USB serial ports collect characters until the packet is full or there have been no new characters for 20 ms. There is a way for controlling software on the transmitting end to request that all accumulated data be sent as soon as possible, but that has to be done on the transmitting end (e.g., at the microcontroller end if you are transmitting data from there); MATLAB does not have any interface to request immediate transfer when MATLAB is doing the transmitting.

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