Seven segment LED display

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Ilmiat on 21 Sep 2020
Answered: Keyur Mistry on 24 Sep 2020
Create a graphical interface using a MATLAB program named HDTask2.m to verify your digital circuit design, which must also satisfy the following programming requirements:
i. You need to allow the user to enter an integer in the range of 0-9 in command window.
ii. Display the corresponding binary inputs (A3, A2, A1, A0) and LED simulation in a MATLAB figure. The LED should display the same integer as the user enters.
iii. The program should have a command for user to exit the program.
iv. The program should handle exceptions such as when player enters an invalid command, etc.
v. The program should not crash MATLAB during running (i.e., good reliability).
vi. You must use logical operations, e.g., and, or, not, |, &, ~, to produce the outputs a - g. Show the screenshot of your LED simulation interface. You may add comments in your program to describe the codes allowing others to understand your code easily.
Please somebody help me doing this. I have really tried.

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Keyur Mistry
Keyur Mistry on 24 Sep 2020
I understand you want to implement seven segment led display in MATLAB using the figure object. Following links will be useful for you:
input” command can be used to request input from the user:
if-elseif-else" statement can be used to validate the input:
plot” command can be used to display LED:
Explore Axes Properties to add texts in figure window:

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