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Can I use my own timetraces in M/M/1 queue implementation by Simevents?

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I am trying to build a M/M/c queuing system by Simevents. I can easily extend the library example of M/M/1 queue for this purpose. However, I need to use my own timetraces to send the incoming traffic instead of the random number generator. How can I change the entity generator unit?
I need to have average service rate = 1000 jobs/s and job inter-arrival times = [0.000652319973810714 0.00671367807249022 0.00203053922050347 0.00428776986488339 0.00451642623288438 0.000516265273225481 0.000273223426107445 4.73351935067905e-05 0.000765797569887923 0.000212720802785289 0.00169417760478423 0.0102040855683635] seconds.


Renato SL
Renato SL on 22 Sep 2020
I want to make sure of a few things since I think these can make the question clearer.
  • Why do you have 12 average values of job arrival times? Does that come from 12 different system configurations?
  • You mentioned using your own timetraces, which I assume is to reproduce results from a previous observation, but you put job arrival times instead. So, how are these 2 things related?
Hint for now: If I remember correctly, the service rate can be expressed in the Entity Server.
Sourav Mondal
Sourav Mondal on 22 Sep 2020
Hi Renato
My bad. It is just inter-arrival times. I just modified this. This is from the same process but the average is changing. So I can't use a fixed parameter to generate the timestamps. Hence, I have added the trace. There are more than 12 entries but I have just shown 12 as an example.

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Abdolkarim Mohammadi-Balani
Edited: Abdolkarim Mohammadi-Balani on 23 Sep 2020
I think you need a simple M/M/c queue. The example you are trying has components for other purposes, which might have confused you. I have attached a simple M/M/3 model.
Inter-generation times can be set via MATLAB action in the Entity generator block. You can use the Insert pattern button to create such code for many distributions.


Sourav Mondal
Sourav Mondal on 23 Sep 2020
Thanks Abdolkarim for your comment. This was helpful but I still couldn't find a way to integrate my timestamps. I think I'll try some other event driven simulator.
Abdolkarim Mohammadi-Balani
If you want a prespecified sequence of service times, you can refer to the fifth model in this example (Inter-Arrival Times from Sequence):

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