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How do I plot time intervals in weekdays?

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I need to spread time intervals in 24h scale and plot them in each week days? How do I do it? So, the idea is to see how people are behaving over the week. Time intervals are given as st_time (starting time) and end_time in data attached, and the value need to be spreaded over interval is Pevdumb.

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Prudhvi Peddagoni
Prudhvi Peddagoni on 28 Sep 2020
Hi Asrorkhuja Ortikov,
You can use T=readtable(filename) function to read the xlsx file into MATLAB.
Then you can retrieve all values that follow a condition like this for example:
This line stores all the rows with mon as the weekday. More information about this here (look in Select Rows with Logical Indexing section).
Then you can use the bar(X,Y) function to plot the graph. More about the bar function here.
Hope this helps.

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