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How to calculate multiple array at once?

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Hi Guys! I'm trying to do a MeanVoltage = mean(B0006.cycle(1:20).data.Voltage_measured) to store 1x20 data of mean voltage from B0006.cycle(1).data.Voltage_measured to B0006.cycle(20).data.Voltage_measured. Any recommendation? Thank you in advance!
PS: I got 1200+ data in the actual file, too much work to do it line by line.

Accepted Answer

Dana on 25 Sep 2020
n = numel(TEST);
meanVolt = zeros(1,n);
for j = 1:n
meanVolt(j) = mean(TEST(j).data.Voltage_measured(1:20));

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 Sep 2020
Try this:
s = load('needhelp.mat')
B0006 = s.TEST % Array of 20 structs
% Wants MeanVoltage = mean(B0006.cycle(1:20).data.Voltage_measured);
% However, there is no cycle field. So try it this way:
for k = 1 : length(B0006)
MeanVoltage(k) = mean(B0006(1).data.Voltage_measured);
MeanVoltage % Report to command window.


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