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Function with two outputs only giving one output

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Brian Wells
Brian Wells on 29 Sep 2020
Commented: Walter Roberson on 30 Sep 2020
function [C K] = FTOCK (degreeF)
%FTOCK converts degrees reading in farenheit to celcius and then kelvin
%fprintf('%.1f degrees in Farenheit Translates to %.2f degrees Celcius and %.2f degrees Kelvin\n',degreeF,C,K);
I do not know why this only outputs the calculated Celsius degree, K is clearly within the brackets.
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Brian Wells
Brian Wells on 29 Sep 2020
I want two outputs. Coded like this it only outputs the Celsius

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Answers (1)

Xingwang Yong
Xingwang Yong on 29 Sep 2020
Apparently, the code is right.
I assume you are new to matlab.
You should use
[C K] = FTOCK (degreeF)
to receive two outputs instead of
c = FTOCK (degreeF)
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Sep 2020
When you used
[C K] = FTOCK (degreeF)
then was there an error message, such as there not being enough outputs?
If not, then what happened when you

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