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How can I attribute real manufacturing data to entities in simevents?

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Paul on 29 Jan 2013
Good morning,
I am creating a simevents model of a manufacturing process. Each new entity (representing a specific product) has a different parameter set defining manufacturing characterisitics. e.g. machining time, painting time, drying time.
I would like to use real order data from a file to simulate this and don't wish to manually enter data into a "Set Atribute" block.
I assume I am to use the "Attribute function" block. I have created an array (array.mat) using an m.fle with the paramater values for all the orders.
I am trying to modify the "Attribute function" code to create entity specific attributes from array.mat using the Entity count function however when I try to use the load filename.mat function isude "Attribute block" it tells me
"Function 'load' is not supported for code generation. Consider using coder.extrinsic('load') to bypass code generation."__
I understand that load can't be used but don't understand the coder.extrinsic reference and am unclear on how else to get this data in the "Attribute function".
Can anyone suggest a way to get this real world data attributes for each entity?
Many thanks


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Devdatt Lad
Devdatt Lad on 29 Jan 2013
Check out the SimEvents example that ships with the product called:
"Initializing Entities from External Data Sources"
This shows how you can read data from a file and then use it in an Event-Based Sequence Generator to set attributes of entities.


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