Simulink timeseries output size differences

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I'm running a Simulink simulation that outputs three scalars. The sinals show as scalars using the size display in Simulink.
However, when I output the values as timeseries into the workspace I get different sizes. Mores specifically, if I'm running n steps the first output has [n,1] size and the other two have a [1,1,n] size.
I assume the difference will lie in the forward propagation of the blocks just before it. For reference these are:
Dot product: leads to a [n,1] sized output
Trig functions: lead to an [1,1,n] sized output.
Any clue about this difference, and if possible, about how to make them homogeneous?

Accepted Answer

Chaitanya Mallela
Chaitanya Mallela on 2 Feb 2021
This comes to the aspect that the input signals here are treated as a 2-D scalar (Dimension: [1x1]) at each time step, instead of a 1-D scalar. Simulink treats these two types of scalars as distinct. Consequently, as per the documentation, the logged signals are then 3-D arrays instead of 2-D arrays.

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