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Library pane in Report Generator is gone?!?!

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Rizo on 30 Jan 2013
Answered: Nitin Khola on 18 Aug 2015
I have a very stupid question, but I can't find where I can change it.
When I open the report generator with the 'report', there is no library pane. There should be three panes, with in the middle the library pane. In the help function I can't find where I can activate it again, only that it should be there.
Who can help?
edit: I use Matlab 7.8.0 (R2009a)

Accepted Answer

Rizo on 31 Jan 2013
Is there nobody who can help me....? :(

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Nitin Khola
Nitin Khola on 18 Aug 2015
If the Report Explorer window opens with only two panes, one of the panes is hidden. You can move the vertical boundaries between the panes to reveal any hidden pane, or to make visible panes wider or narrower.

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