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Save Figure as JPEG or PNG from Vector Scope

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Shay on 3 Oct 2020
Commented: Shay on 3 Oct 2020
Is it possible to save the resultant waveform displayed using the Vector scope block as JPEG or PNG and if so, how (without using snipping tool)? As, this is usually achieveable using the scope block which allows to open property editor, edit graph properties and then save Figure as a variety of options.


Shay on 3 Oct 2020
Yes, I am using an older version of MATLAB. However, I found the solution through the link you had provided. The alternatives to the Vector Scope were the Time Scope, Spectrum Analyzer and Array Plot. I incorporated the Time Scope in place of the Vector Scope and achieved same otuput with the added benefit of editing garph properties and saving figure as desired format.

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 3 Oct 2020
Use: saveas()

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Shay on 3 Oct 2020
Thank you for the answer. I found the solution by using Time Scope block rather than the Vector Scope block to edit the properties of my graph and its axes.

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