Can I use boolean of a variable on a column of another variable

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Femke R
Femke R on 6 Oct 2020
Commented: Femke R on 7 Oct 2020
I'm new here to mathworks so I apologise if I don't give all the relevant information right away.
Say I have the variables target(range 1:4) and response(matrix with 10000x16 values)
I want to iterate through each response column and extract the values linked to a specific target and add them to a different vector (Like response(target==2) but for each column seperately)
Right now I have something like:
For i=1:16
Resp=[Resp, response(:,i)(target==2)]
This doesn't work. How can i rewrite it?

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Matt J
Matt J on 6 Oct 2020

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Peter O
Peter O on 7 Oct 2020
Hi, to confirm/rephrase, you're looking to extract 16 separate arrays, each one corresponding to the case where the response matches a target value? If so:
% Setup
target = 1:4;
response = randi(max(target),10000, 16); % Dummy data
% Get 16 different variables, one for each column.
% Because the variables are of potentially different lengths, you'll need to assign them to a cell array.
V = cell(16,1);
my_target = 2;
for ix=1:16
V{ix} = response(response(:,ix) == my_target, ix);
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Femke R
Femke R on 7 Oct 2020
Yes! Exactly, thanks for the explanation (and a shorter way to add to a vector)

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