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Geting a varible defined in AppDesigner into a script

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Using appdesigner I have developed a GUI that runs pretty good. I now want to take some variables that are defined in the app code and use them in a script I am developing. How do I do this? This is a function that is in the app designer and I want to use "NewInterval" in my script.
methods (Access = public)
function WhatIntervalSelected (app, ~)
if app.Interval1Button.Value == true;
NewInterval =1;
elseif app.Interval2Button.Value == true
NewInterval =2 ;
elseif app.Interval3Button.Value == true;
NewInterval =3;
elseif app.Interval4Button.Value == true
NewInterval =4;
elseif app.Interval5Button.Value == true
NewInterval =5;
NewInterval = 6;
How do I get NewInterval into my MATLAB Script?


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Accepted Answer

Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 12 Oct 2020
Edited: Mario Malic on 12 Oct 2020
You have few options, depending on the complexity of your app, I could suggest you to get the app instance in your script.
Set a Tag, or a unique name for your app in Component Browser, under UIFigure - Identifiers, and get its handle this way:
% in script
app = get(findall(0, 'Tag', 'AppUIFigure'), 'RunningAppInstance');
% ^^^^^^^^^^^
Set your NewInterval as a property, and just call it within your script as
You can also convert your script to function that you pass the NewInterval property (must define it that way too), but this is a bit of a hassle and not necessary.


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