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Sendmail not working in a standalone App Designer application on MAC only

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Shae Morgan
Shae Morgan on 16 Oct 2020
I've made an app designer app where users can save some information (generated in the app) and then e-mail an excel spreadsheet with that information to a specified e-mail address. I have a throw-away g-mail account with less secure apps turned on which has allowed the successful transmission of the e-mails thus far. I've recently compiled the app for MAC use on OS X, and started running into some errors.
  1. The app runs just fine - sends the e-mail and everything great when it's in MATLAB App Designer.
  2. The app runs just fine, except for sending the e-mail when it's in its standalone desktop application for MAC (works fine and sends emails in the stand-alone app on PC)
The line of code that throws the error is the first time the preference is set:
Does anyone know if the preferences are called something different or become un-set-able in a desktop app for MAC OS X?
I'd love to get these e-mails running.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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