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OpenPose Matlab - downloadTr​ainedOpenP​oseNet ERROR

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María Daniela Vargas Nieto
Hi, I am trying to follow the "Estimate body pose using deep learning" example, but I have an error when I run the "downloadTrainedOpenPoseNet(trainedOpenPoseNet_url,dataDir)" line. The error tells me:
Undefined function 'downloadTrainedOpenPoseNet' for input arguments of type 'char'.
I have Deep Learning Toolbox and Computer Vision Toolbox, but it doesn't work. Would be nice to receive any help on this topic. Thank you in advance.

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Vinoth Venkatesan
Vinoth Venkatesan on 4 Nov 2020
Hi Maria,
This is a known issue with the example. Please replace the following line in the example:
trainedOpenPoseNet_url = '';
trainedOpenPoseNet_url = '';
Hope that helps,

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