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How can I have 'dropdown' in an individual cell of a table in App Designer ?

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Alessandro A
Alessandro A on 16 Oct 2020
with reference to this previous resolved question, I would like to apply a drop down list to a single cell of the table and not to the whole column.
Is it possible by using table or can you suggest a better implementation?
app.UITable.Data = {'female';'male';'male'}; % have 3 rows of gender information.
app.UITable.ColumnFormat = {{'male', 'female'}}; % have option cell array within ColumnFormat property to indicate the 1st column is using dropdown menus.
app.UITable.ColumnEditable = true;

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Sahithi Kanumarlapudi
Sahithi Kanumarlapudi on 23 Feb 2021
'uidropdown' is normally used to create a dropdown in MATLAB. But, it's parent can only be 'Figure object (default) | Panel object | Tab object | ButtonGroup object | GridLayout object' as per the documentation here as of now.
Hope this helps!

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