How can i apply RANSAC on the matched points of the SURF meathod

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Hello everyone,
I have a video segemented into frames where i am comparing each frame of the video with a one constant picture.
I am using the method detectSURFFeatures()
How by ploting the matched features on the pictures,i noticed that i have arround 10% of the data that are wrong matches
I have read that the RANSAC method can help removing the outliers but so far, I had not lack to find a good example
here is the code snipped i am using (it might give you a better idea on what i did ) :
fixationImagePoints = detectSURFFeatures(fixationImage);
originalImagePoints = detectSURFFeatures(originalImage);
[fFixationImagePoints, vFixationImagePoints] = extractFeatures(fixationImage, fixationImagePoints);
[fOriginalImagePoints, vOriginalImagePoints] = extractFeatures(originalImage, originalImagePoints);
indexPairs = matchFeatures(fFixationImagePoints, fOriginalImagePoints) ;
fixationImageMatchedPoints = vFixationImagePoints(indexPairs(:, 1));
originalImageMatchedPoints = vOriginalImagePoints(indexPairs(:, 2));
Hopefully someone here can give me a clue on how to use the RANSAC or give me a different approache.
Thanks in advance.

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Puru Kathuria
Puru Kathuria on 14 Mar 2021
You might want to look at this video tutorial which explains feature detection, extraction, and matching followed by an estimation of the geometric transformation using the RANSAC algorithm.


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