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Making A "Gauge Cluster" for OBDII Data

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I am looking to make a GUI that contains gauges, which would be able to give me a visual display of performance oriented data from my car's Diagnostic port, (OBDII). I have experience using pre-made apps which achieve the same thing, but I am looking to do it for free, and use this as a project for school. I have an ELM327 USB-OBDII interface, but am not sure how I can go about retriving the actual data being brought into the computer from matlab. I have seen that there is the App from 2015 called OBDTool, but it doesn't provide what I'm looking for. As a side question, is there a way I can look at the source code for OBDTool to see how the data is being interpreted for usage in that UI? I feel it would be helpful to see a working implementation of a similar idea, to help get a basis to build my code onto. Thanks for any help you can provide!


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Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 21 Oct 2020
I think you should focus first on getting the data from the interface. It's a well known interface and should be plenty of resources on the internet to obtain the data. I have no experience with such problems, but by Googling a bit about the protocol, I found this doc. Also, take a look at serial function.

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Larsen VanOfferen
Larsen VanOfferen on 21 Oct 2020
Thank you for the tip! I will give that doccument a good read and see what I can find.

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