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Getting the X and Y value from a scatter plot over UIAxes in App Designer

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Felipe Bayona
Felipe Bayona on 21 Oct 2020
Answered: Mario Malic on 21 Oct 2020
Hello Community
Im currently plotting a scatter plot into an App UIAxes.
Scatter plot has already implemented the onClick method, where a data tip with X and Y position of clicked point is plotted.
I want to catch that X and Y values.
If I implement a ButtonDownFcn callback trying to get the CurrentPosition, I can only click the area in the plot that has no points. When clicking one point there's no response (Probably my callback is in conflict with the onClick implemented by MATLAB)
How can I get this data when clicking a point and without losing the data tip that MATLAB plots in a scatter plot?
Im using the 2020b version off MATLAB
Thx a lot


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