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code to load my files from folder, add workspace variable and save to another folder

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I have a lot of .mat files wich I want to add a variable fs=128 to all of the one by one.
one way is to load ech other, add variable and save, which takes some days because of thousands data.
so I need a code (i.e. for loop) to load each one, add same variable and save it.
please help me.
thank you.


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Accepted Answer

Stephen Cobeldick
Stephen Cobeldick on 22 Oct 2020
Edited: Stephen Cobeldick on 22 Oct 2020
You don't need to load the file data, you can use save's '-append' option:
fs = 128;
for ... loop over all files, you need to finish this line yourself!
fnm = 'name_of_the_file.mat'; % change this depending on how you generate/index the filenames.


Mohammad Zakaie Far
Mohammad Zakaie Far on 22 Oct 2020
it is not work
Error using save
Unable to write file a: No such file or directory.
Error in untitled4 (line 4)
i don't know you understand my problem or not
i have a lot of file in one folder wich you can see in right of pic and want to take all of them fs=128
Stephen Cobeldick
Stephen Cobeldick on 22 Oct 2020
"it is not work"
You will need to actually loop over the files using one of the methods shown in the documentation:
For example, something like this:
fs = 128;
D = 'absolute or relative path to the folder where the files are saved'; % !!! YOU NEED TO CHANGE THIS !!!
S = dir(fullfile(D,'*.mat'));
for 1:numel(S)
fnm = fullfile(D,S(k).name);

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