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Saving Multiples Variable of a function

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I have some codes that i make
function result = back_prop(W1,W2,W3, A1,A2,A3, T_Input, Output)
dim_A = size(T_Input)
m = dim_A(2)
dZ3 = A3 - Output.'
dW3 = 1/m * dot_mult_dif_dim(dZ3, A2.')
db3 = 1/m * np_sum(dZ3)
dZ2 = dot_mult_dif_dim(W3.', dZ3).*(1 - A2.^2)
dW2 = 1/m * dot_mult_dif_dim(dZ2, A1.')
db2 = 1/m * np_sum(dZ2)
dZ1 = dot_mult_dif_dim(W2.', dZ2).*(1 - A1.^2)
dW1 = 1/m * dot_mult_dif_dim(dZ1, T_Input.')
db1 = 1/m * np_sum(dZ1)
where dot_mult_dif_dim and np_sum is a function that i make my own,
how can i save or access dZ3, dW3, db3, dZ2, dW2, db2, dZ1, dW1, and db1 ? each of them are matrix
i want to use them to update some parameters in NN, thank you
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yoel y
yoel y on 22 Oct 2020
for uppdating the parameters, it will be like this
W1 = W1 + αdW1
and it also apply for other variables

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Accepted Answer

Asad (Mehrzad) Khoddam
Asad (Mehrzad) Khoddam on 22 Oct 2020
If you want to use the variables in the other function, use this command in both functions:
global dZ3 dW3 db3 dZ2 dW2 db2 dZ1 dW1 db1

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