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Drawing an arc between two elements?

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I want to draw an arc (given its centre and its radius) between two elements.
For example the case given in the image below. I would like to draw an arc (of radius 0.5 (as an example) and the centre de point P drawed) strictly between those two lines
What is the general case of doing it? I mean, in this particular case there are two lines, but I would like a method that would work for whatever elements between I'd want to draw an arc (between a circle and a line, between two circles...etc).


KSSV on 22 Oct 2020
You have not commented on your previous question...
If the answer worked for have to acknowledge the users who have helped you. With out closing that question, you are asking another question similiar ti it?

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Accepted Answer

KSSV on 22 Oct 2020
L1=[1 3;
1 6]
L2=[-2 2;
8 -1]
L = [L2(:,1) P L1(:,2)] ;
p = polyfit(L(1,:),L(2,:),2) ;
xi = linspace(min(L(1,:)),max(L(1,:))) ;
yi = polyval(p,xi) ;
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ErikJon Pérez Mardaras
ErikJon Pérez Mardaras on 23 Oct 2020
Thanks! I didn't realised. However, how do you stablish the centre of the arc? In the example given, the arc is drawn with a 0.5 radius, from 0º to 90º. But the centre is the 0.
How can I make the centre to be, for example, the coordinate 2,10? or the intersec point of two lines?
KSSV on 23 Oct 2020
xc = 2+0.5*cos(Th) ;
yc = 10+0.5*sin(th) ;

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