AMD R5 4600h processor for Matlab 2020a

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Shujie Zhao
Shujie Zhao on 24 Oct 2020
Answered: Vistasp Edulji on 24 Oct 2020
Recently, I have carried out some calculation by my laptop with the AMD R5 4600h processor! The maximum operation frequency can get to 3.4GHz, but the actual operation frequency can get to 3.9GHz for the other processes. Is there any limition for the matlab 2020a with the AMD R5 4600h processor?

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Vistasp Edulji
Vistasp Edulji on 24 Oct 2020
Your processor will hit 3.9GHz only when the workload is single threaded application. MATLAB is designed with most of it's functions to use multiple cores/threads and under such workload the processor will not go upto 3.9GHz. This is not bad or poor product design but just a different way to utilize your CPU resources. The difference between 3.9/3.4 GHz cannot be percieved during the working of the program anyway and will not impact your experience
Hope this helped. Have a Good Day

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