Incorporate Incremental Vector into an Equation

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Loren Smitley
Loren Smitley on 30 Oct 2020
Answered: Peter O on 30 Oct 2020
How would I incorporate an incremental vector into an equation for calculation at every increment of that vector?

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Peter O
Peter O on 30 Oct 2020
Use the elementwise operators (preceed divide/multiply with a dot).
For instance:
x = 1:100; % Array of 1 to 100
y = sin(x).*cos(2*x)./tan(x).^2; % Applies the functions along the elements individually.
Addition and subtraction don't need the periods, but you'll have to ensure that the vectors you're combining have the same size. If you're using a scalar in an operation, MATLAB will automatically broadcast it across the array (see the 2 in the cosine term).
Any functions you call and pass the vector will need to be able to operate on a vector (most built-ins will), or you can use arrayfun() to wrap the function and apply it to each value indivudally. (Or use a for loop). The syntax is:
z = arrayfun(@(x) my_scalar_fun(x), y)

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