Search function in drop down menu in AppDesigner?

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Christelle Rodier
Christelle Rodier on 2 Nov 2020
Commented: Adam Danz on 5 Nov 2020
Hi everyone!
I am currently working on a tool where the user selects different signals from a dropdown menu an then the tool takes the signals and processes them.
The problem is that there is about 150 signals in that drop down menu and I am searching for an option not to scroll down all the signals until the desired is found. SOmething like a search function where I can type parts of that signal (eg. signal is ID_065_SIG03_Accel) and I want to type "accel" to reduca the drop down menu that signals containing that part.
Many thanks in advance for your help!
Christelle Rodier
Christelle Rodier on 5 Nov 2020
Many thanks for your help!
The solution you provided is a pretty nice second option in case the other solution cannot handle parts of the strings.

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Answers (1)

J. Alex Lee
J. Alex Lee on 3 Nov 2020
Just confirmed, if you set the "Editable" property of a uidropdown to "on", you get some simple filtering of the Items based on what you type into the dropdown.

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