Design Verifier: Does multiple dimensions input has great influence in test generation?

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When I use use Design Verifier(MATLAB 2020a) to generate tests for getting coverage report, my model took 4 hours and didn't generate any test cases. Therefore I modified test suite optimization to Legacy LargeModel (Nonlinear Extended) and after 1h it only generated 2 test cases in harness model and the result like this:
Test generation stopped by user.
4/3471 objectives unsatisfiable
2426/3471 objectives undecided due to runtime error
1041/3471 objectives undecided
Looking at the harness model and it seems that it treat each input with multiple dimensions as plenty of inputs and creat a huge number of input.
Might this be the reason why I can't generate tests? If so, is there any way to change this situation?
Here is a capture of my model's input:
Here is an example of input information:
Here is the harness model:

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Pat Canny
Pat Canny on 5 Nov 2020
Hi Jiahao,
This will likely be difficult to solve via MATLAB Answers.
If you are able to share a bit more detail, could you please contact MathWorks Support?
  • Pat
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Jiahao CHANG
Jiahao CHANG on 11 Nov 2020
Hi Pat,
Unfortunately I can't send this model to MathWorks Support as they asked, but they can pay a visit to me which I hope it could help :)

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