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Hey everyone, I have a homework assignment due today and I can't figure out this question: Write a MATLAB repetition structure to determine how many terms in the sum 1+2+3+... are required for the sum to exceed one million (1e+6). Display how many terms are required and what is the first sum that exceeds one million in one sentence in the command window. Could someone help me out? I really can't find a way to figure it out so it would be awesome and really helpful is someone could help me.
Nicholas Bieganski
Nicholas Bieganski on 4 Nov 2020
@Stephen Cobeldick this is what I have so far.
while (a<1000000)
These loops are super confusing for me, so I have no idea if I am even close

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Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 4 Nov 2020
You were close, here is your code with a few small changes:
k = 0;
a = k;
while a<1e6
k = k+1;
a = k+a;
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Nicholas Bieganski
Nicholas Bieganski on 4 Nov 2020
Ok, thank you so much! I thought I was going in the right direction, but the answer was saying otherwise so I was lost. But thanks again I really appreciate it!

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João Mendes
João Mendes on 4 Nov 2020
Can you use for loops? or only while?
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Nicholas Bieganski
Nicholas Bieganski on 4 Nov 2020
For this question we were only allowed to use while loops.

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