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Get boundary object from a bar plot

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Is there a way to get a line/ patch object from a bar plot, if there even is such object in a bar plot?
I'm trying to implement "hatch" ( together with "bar" but can't extract the expected object, not even:
findobj(b(1), 'Type', 'patch')
Is it simply so that bar does not contain what I search for and I have to forfit my attempts at "hatching" the bars?


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Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 5 Nov 2020
It looks like such object does not exist on bar anymore.


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Kristoffer Clasén
Kristoffer Clasén on 6 Nov 2020
Aaaand it seems I don't have EndPoints in my release either, but perhaps it works with YData/XData instead.
I also realize a problem in that I have errorbars as well so I assume I have to chop up the errorbarbar function and plot the errorbars after patching/ hatching to not cover them.
Thanks Mario
Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 6 Nov 2020
It should properly work with mentioned properties and yes, errorbar comes after patching.
You're welcome.
Kristoffer Clasén
Kristoffer Clasén on 6 Nov 2020
I just found hatchfill2 which appears to accept bar as object input, and I also found a thread with an example of how to "hatch" the legend which also was a concern:
So I'll most likely continue with this option

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