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what is the difference between monostatic RCS and bistatic RCS?

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Rohit Mallampati
Rohit Mallampati on 6 Nov 2020
Answered: Prabhan Purwar on 12 Nov 2020
I am currently working in MATLAB POFACETS, I know what is monostatic RADAR and what is Bistatic RADAR. But why is the radar cross section differs based on type of radar we use? Does RCS should be constant even if we use bistatic or monostatic configuration? after all backsctatter is a part of bistatic RCS calculations right?

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Prabhan Purwar
Prabhan Purwar on 12 Nov 2020
As you are aware that in Monostatic Radar both Tx and Rx antennas are placed close to each other at the same location. Thus in the equation where Gt and Gr are equal putting Smin = Pr will give max range as . While in Bistatic Radar Tx and Rx antennas are placed apart. Thus if alpha (bistatic angle, sum of incidence and reflection angle) is small then bistatic RCS is similar to that of monostatic RCS.

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