How to select point or lines on the graph

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Hi everyone. Please run the following code. It will create a scatter grap with 5 points. I want to select the nearest point on the screen that user click. In other words user can select any point by clicking the mause. It is easy for 5 point but there must be more compact way if there is too many points like 10^4. Do you have any sugestion to increase the speed of this code. I think there must be a beter solution since on the figure menu bar as you all know there is mause icon called "edit plot". User can easly select any data by using it or data curser.
function asd
global points
points=[7 5 9 6 4; 7 4 2 5 8];
ax1=axes('Position',[0 0 1 1]);
grid on
function mauseclick(source, event)
global points
for i=1:c
hold on

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Feb 2013
Do not loop. Use
distance = sqrt( (points(1,:) - CPoint(1,1,1)).^2 + (points(2,:) - CPoint(1,2,1)).^2 );
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Volkan Kandemir
Volkan Kandemir on 17 Feb 2013
ok this might be helpfull but still is there a event data that gives me object that mause click instead of mause coordinate.

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bym on 17 Feb 2013
You can try this:
clc;clear;close all
x = rand(100,2);
plot(x(:,1),x(:,2), 'b.')
hold on
[u,v] = ginput(1);
[trash,idx] = min(hypot(x(:,1)-u,x(:,2)-v));


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