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How to call a vaiable in the parent interface from children interfaces

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Das Bably
Das Bably on 27 Feb 2013
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
Hi I have a GUIDE parent interface that contains 4-5 children interfaces. I want to call as input matrices in the parent interface for matirx multiplication from the children GUIDE interfaces where these matrices are as output matrices of childrean inter faces Please If any one have any idea share with me. Thanks
Das Bably
Das Bably on 27 Feb 2013
I am using GUIDE instead of programmatic GUIs I actually dont know the method to how to get the output of a GUDE interface as Input in another Interface. I have a design based problem for which I am using several GUIDE interfaces and I want to get the output of these GUIDE interfaces as Input in another GUIDE interface. like by using "uicontrol('Style', 'push', 'Position', [10 590 180 20],'fontsize',10,'string','helmholtz resonator', 'Callback',@(src, event)helmholtz ());" I got another Guide in the main guide and so on, but later I need to use the output of these GUIDE interface as Input in main interface thanks

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