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Modify the slice number in sliceViewer object

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Yazan on 20 Nov 2020
Commented: Yazan on 26 Nov 2020
Hello everyone,
I have a sliceViewer object and I just need to modify the slice number so that it does not increase from 1 up to the number of the available slices with a step equal to 1 (the default behavior), but rather to indicate some information about the slice, for example, Frequency1, Frequency2, ...etc. Thanks in advance for the support.
Yazan on 25 Nov 2020
Hello Madhav.
Yes, that is exactly what I need. As you guessed, 'Frequency 1', 'Frequency 2', ... are strings.

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Madhav Thakker
Madhav Thakker on 26 Nov 2020
Hi Yazan,
I understand that you want to change the text displayed in the sliceViewer object to have some textual information about the slice. The current sliceViewer object does noy allow any such feature. I have raised an enhancement request for the same.
Hope this helps.

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