Making a RGB 3D array from multiple 2D colored slices

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Hello, I have multiple CT Scan slices that I want to add together into a 3D array for processing. I have 2 options now, I can convert the slices to RGB beforehand using threshholding and combine them like this:
if slice == 1
array3d = thisSlice
array3d = cat(3, array3d, thisSlice);
save ('3D\3d_array.mat', 'array3d' );
Now, the problem with that is that i don't get an RGB array in implay, it takes every color as it's own slice, so when i add 7, i get 21 slices in implay.
The other option is that i combine them using the code above while still in greyscale, and then convert the stack ionto RGB.
But using this code on the stack:
thresh = multithresh(original,2);
seg_I = imquantize(original,thresh);
RGB = label2rgb(seg_I);
does not work, because label2rgb does only take 2D input. I tried label2rgb3D, but that only puts out a 4D double instead of a matrix that I can work with.
For example, i want to blur it using imfilter and i cant get the 4D-double to work with implay or volumeviewer.

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Superficial on 20 Nov 2020
The problem you have is that when you have a greyscale image, each pixel has one intensity value. When you want RGB, you need a value for each of red, green and blue. So an image that in greyscale is 256x256x1 becomes 256x256x3. Or a stack of 10 slices which would be 256x256x10 needs to become 256x256x3x10.
I'm not intimately familiar with the functions you mention but whenever I've thresholded medical images, I do it 'manually'. Something like this:
input=imread('cameraman.tif'); % load example image to be your 'slice'
segmented=zeros(size(N)); % Initiates segmented copy of slice
segmented(input>128)=1; % if the input > 128, marks as 1
segmented(input>168)=2; % Second threshold level
That code should be translatable to 3D arrays too (except imagesc won't display them).
If you must use label2rgb then it would be fairly simple to write a for loop to iterate through the slices one at a time:
newimage=flipud(segmented); % make another slice as an example
img_stack(:,:,2)=newimage; % Stacks the slices
img_stackRGB=zeros(256, 256, 3, 2); % the 'RGB' stack is the same size as the original but adds an extra dimension for each RGB value
for i=1:size(img_stack,3)
Caveat: I'm not familiar with label2rgb though and it's possible it would treat each slice differently. Looks OK at first glance.
implay appears to like a 4D array input in the format 256 x 256 x 3 x nSlices.

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