Interception simulation using simulink model

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Steven van Doorn
Steven van Doorn on 21 Nov 2020
Commented: Steven van Doorn on 26 Nov 2020
Summary: interception calculations of 2 objects where one trajectory is known and the other gets steered by simulink model.
Extended:I am trying to simulate a intersection in a X-Y plane. Think of a dog that is trying to catch a ball that is kicked away. The trajectory of the bal is known and the simulink model of the dog 'navigating' to the ball is working. The dog/model runs a repeating loop of 'where is the ball? where am I? how do I steer myself to the ball? where is the ball now? where am I? etc..
Question: How do I read/import the known ball trajectory coordinates into the live simulink model? My guess is with a 'from workspace' block but this imports only 1 value and then stops. I need it for every time step untill the dog caught the ball
It would mean the world to me to rechieve some help since I am stuck since a while now. If there are any questions, please let me know!
Many thanks in advance of the effort.

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Keyur Mistry
Keyur Mistry on 24 Nov 2020
You might consider using Signal Builder block which can be used to generate signal through excel sheet data. You might need to add ball trajecotory coordinate values along with the time in excel sheet. Please refer to the "Importing Signal Groups from Existing Data Sets" section in the following link:
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Steven van Doorn
Steven van Doorn on 26 Nov 2020
Thanks for your comment. I will take a closer look at the link and try some things. Hopefully, this will make my simulink model work

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