Subscript after greek alphabet

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john on 4 Mar 2013
could you help me please? This is me code:
for i= 0:vd(1)-4
T = regexprep(cellstr(char(sym(UserData.matrix{4+i,1}))), '([A-Za-z]+)(\d+)', '$1<FONT SIZE=-1>$2</FONT>');
T = regexprep(T, '(phi|alpha|beta|gamma|delta|epsilon|zeta|eta)', '&$1;');
Code makes: if I write for example U1U2, than all numbers are subscript. But I need phi2U2, than everything after "phi" must be always subscript, so 2U2 must by subscript.
Thank you
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Mar 2013
It could be done, but with the requirement you have given, if you had something like
then what you wrote would expect that {2u2+gamma8} would all be subscripted instead of just the 2u2 -- because you wrote that "everything after "phi" must always subscript" and the +gamma8 is "after "phi""

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Juan Camilo Medina
Juan Camilo Medina on 5 Mar 2013
It depends on what kind of interpreter you have set up, but the default Matlab math and Greek letters format follow latex style, so you would need:
\phi_{2U2} % whatever is between the brackets will be subscript
to get what you want
john on 13 Mar 2013
Please, exist there any solution?

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