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Index in position 2 exceeds array bounds

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I got this error, what does it mean and how can i fix it?
"Index in position 2 exceeds array bounds (must not exceed 2)."
this is the code of the line:
I(temp,:) = [zeros(1,temp-2) -1/(mul*Capacitance(1,temp-1)) 1/(mul*Capacitance(1,temp-1))+1/(mul*Capacitance(1,temp))+mul*inductance(1,temp) -1/(mul*Capacitance(1,temp)) zeros(1,length(inductance)-1-temp)];
Nora Khaled
Nora Khaled on 24 Nov 2020
Its hard to tell exactly without the rest of the code... but this error happen when you try to access an element in a vector by using wrong indices.
In this case it seems you have a vector with only 2 columns... maybe 'Capacitance' or 'inductance' and temp exceeded 2.
fawzeya bin tamim
fawzeya bin tamim on 24 Nov 2020
Thank you both so much i'll try to work it out

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Answers (1)

Voss on 24 Nov 2020
This means that the code is attempting to refer to an index of some variable, but the variable is not large enough in that dimension. In this case the dimension is the second dimension ("index in position 2") and the maximum index you can reference is 2 ("(must not exceed 2)").
So basically Capacitance and/or inductance has two columns, but the code is trying to access the third or higher column, which doesn't exist.

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