Syms function not supported in Simulink

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I have some code i put into a matlab function block on simulink, I need to intergrate a function twice and the orignal function also needs to be differentiated. There is a little more the matlab function block but below is an example. How can I get rid of the error produced? Do I have to do an extrinsic coder thing or should I just use the integrator block to do this block wise?
syms x
This is the error produced
Function 'syms' not supported for code generation.
Component:MATLAB Function | Category:Coder error

Answers (1)

Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert on 18 Dec 2020
Hi Katherine,
Refer the Code Generation page of the Symbolic Math Toolbox for related Topics and Examples.
Also see the Generate MATLAB Function Blocks from Symbolic Expressions to include symbolic functions for Code Generation in Simulink through the matlabFunctioncommand

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