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Piecewise function plot help

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I am trying to graph this Piecewise function matlab. I am facing an issue with the graph . Its wrong. I am just rying to show that the median is equal to 2.16 approximately
Here is my script and i hope someone edit on it and not create his own solution.
x1 = [0:0.1:1];
f1 = 0;
x2 = [1:0.1:3];
f2 = [1/12*t1.^2 + 1/6*t1 - 1/4];
x3 = [3:0.1:0];
f3 = 1;

Accepted Answer

Bastian Arturo Romero Mardones
Edited: Bastian Arturo Romero Mardones on 25 Nov 2020
The length must be the same
x1 = [0:0.1:1];
f1 = zeros(1,numel(x1)); %f1 with the same length as x1
x2 = [1:0.1:3];
f2 = [1/12*x2.^2 + 1/6*x2 - 1/4]; %change t1 --> x2
x3 = [3:0.1:4];
f3 = ones(1,numel(x3)); %f3 with the same length as x3

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