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Comparing 2 different histograms

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henry wang
henry wang on 8 Mar 2013
Are there any built in functions in matlab to compare 2 histograms? The 2 histograms are given as input vectors to the problem. (OpenCV has built-in function that offers 4 different metrics)
Thanks, Henry
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Muhammad Ali Qadar
Muhammad Ali Qadar on 31 Aug 2013
d=pdist2(c1',c2'); Where c1 and c2 are the Computed histograms, you can go for help pdist2 to explore it

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 31 Aug 2013
You could compute the moments of each. In what way do you want to compare them? What are you really after? Let's say that you had 10 ways to compare histograms (mean, stddev, skewness, kurtosis, pdist, whatever....), and you can see that each histogram gives a different set of values. The question is what would you do then knowing that information?


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